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What is fleet tracking?

Hear from Rebecca Palomares, Senior Fleet Manager, explain the many advantages of fleet tracking software and which industries this is most suited for:

Consider saving with Vehicle Tracking Software

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Why get fleet tracking software?

Total fleet visibility

With fleet tracking software you’ll have the exact GPS location of all vehicles, on any device, so you can dispatch employees quicker, get more jobs done and keep your customers happy.

Cut fuel costs

Driving in a calm, gentle manner can slash fuel costs by up to 33%*. Fleet management dashboards allow you to track how efficiently your mobile workforce are driving, where there’s wastage and what can be done to run a more efficient operation.


Improve fleet safety

Set “geo-fenced” areas around where you want your vehicles to be outside office hours and get an instant alert if they aren’t in the right location. If your vehicle isn’t in the designated area, you’ll know right away.

Optimise route planning

The fastest way to minimise costs is to reduce the amount of miles driven. Let route optimization software help plan the most cost-effective route for every trip your mobile workforce take, saving money instantly.

Easy integration with other software

Fleet tracking software integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms, avoiding any headaches and chaos that may have otherwise arisen.

How much does fleet tracking software cost?

Fleet tracking costs can vary greatly. Things that influence this include:

  • Your fleet (size and type of vehicle)
  • Your choice of tracker (active or passive)
  • Your tracking system needs (location-based or Telematics)
  • The tracker installation type (wired or plug-in)
  • Whether you buy outright or lease

The easiest way to compare costs is to answer a few simple questions about your business using our free service.

Our providers will then contact you to verify your details and arrange a free online demo of the software.

The demo is where they can provide you with accurate pricing, tailored to your business needs.

The face you make when you make the right decision

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4 ways fleet tracking eliminates wastage


Reduction in CO2 Emissions

NAVTEQ research shows that fleet tracking can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 21%.


Reduction in Travel Time

According to NAVTEQ, an average driver using traffic-enabled navigation spends 18% less time on the road than other drivers, meaning they’re better rested and use less fuel.


Reduction in Vehicle Downtime

A study by the Aberdeen Group found that users of fleet tracking can benefit from up to 15% less vehicle downtime. This is because drivers can complete trips faster, giving you more choice over how and when to deploy vehicles for different jobs.


Reduction on Fuel

Fuel accounts for up to a third of a fleet's operational costs. The average 13% reduction in fuel costs represents a significant saving for fleets with fleet tracking installed.

Case studies

Falcon Plumbing

Falcon found that using fleet tracking software delivered more accurate reporting, leading to increased productivity. Payroll is also better allocated, customers are more satisfied, and the company has boosted its bottom line by $200,000.

Key success

$200,000 profit increase

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand sought to control costs and increase profits from a 100-vehicle fleet. With fleet tracking software, they increased routing efficiency, slashed fuel waste, and improved payroll accuracy, saving $85,000 in one year alone.

Key success

$85,000 fuel savings

Don’t let drivers take you for a spin

Consider a smarter way


Fleet tracking is not a “one size fits all” solution. The overall price of the combined hardware and software depends on your specific business needs, and there could be optional add-ons that you don’t need.

In order to get a really accurate price, it’s best to answer a few simple questions about your business. We’ll then connect you to leading fleet tracking providers who can discuss the finer details of pricing and requirements with you.

We need your address because, depending on your needs, it might be helpful for you to speak to a company that’s based near you. If you do end up buying from them, it could be more convenient when it comes to installation and maintenance.

With regards to your phone number, we just want to make things simple for you. We believe that it’s much easier to discuss fleet tracking software on the phone, where our providers can answer specific questions you have.

In any case, you can feel safe giving us your details - we promise we won’t spam you or use your details for any other purpose other than connecting you with our trusted providers.

Your privacy is very important to us and is taken seriously. We’ll only ever pass your personal data on to our trusted partners that we connect you with and you have consented to, to provide the service/product you have requested.

We have a data retention policy that clearly sets out how long we will keep your data. We will only keep your data for as long as necessary to provide you with the services/products you’re interested in.

When you submit a request and we connect you with relevant providers, they pay us a small fee for making the connection.

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